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  • Bromberg, PL
  • 26 Female, Pisces
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  • Member Since: 2006-07-21
  • Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Drink: Yes
  • Smoke: Yes
  • Education: In College

About Me:

pleaseeee DO NOT send me chain mails!!
thank you.

Few things you have to know if u really wanna know me:
*my family and friends are very important in my life.
*i looveee my cat! im definitelly a cat lady:)
*i can rush my nose like a rabbit -amazing.
*im sick and tired of hearing that im a lazyass ( tell me something i dont know)
*im in love with my vintage shoes.
* im really easygoing and chill i dont ever get mad.
*im friendly and helping hand
* when i was a little girl i always wanted to be a singer or a rock star.
* i dont get the emo thing... but i dont hate emos.
*choppy sea is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen
*i dont like bubble water, coke, pepsi or everything with bubbles.
*i hate rude people, intolerance stink.
*homophobia is gay.
* i wanna go to Japan,London,Greece , New York and Paris. and i will.
* supposedly im funny
* i LOVE "Sex and the city".
* i love adventur
* im afraid of spiders , darkness and Michael Jackson's nose.
* i loovee coffee
* i like fashion, but im not crazy about that.
* i like to think that my life is an open book.
* i never judge a book by it's cover.
* i loovee huge sunglasses.
* i cant live without my mp3
* i love MUSIC
* im sensitive
* im a dreamer
* i love animals more than people.
*i dont like violence
* I'm romantic
* i love art
* i love nestea and lemon water.
*i do have a nose piercing
*im weird.
* real rock n rolla slut.